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Sorry for the absence of posts for a few months, but I am back to start posting again.  Wanted to use my first post back to share about a website that can be very valuable to families with children with special needs.

I have been following Hatch on Facebook and am always excited to see their new posts with new ideas/equipment for families with children with special needs, which also gives me some ideas for my own treatments.   It provides a space to find out what new ideas are coming out and also allows parents/families/clinicians to give their input for new ideas.

Here’s a link to their Facebook page.

This information is directly from their website, but I thought it was valuable to share:

What is Hatch?

Hatch is a website where little ideas can make a big difference to kids with special needs. Built by disability manufacturers, Leckey and Firefly, the site gives everybody a space to talk, discuss and create. It is open to ideas and inventions from anyone, anywhere who wants to help children with special needs.

Why did we create Hatch?

We built this platform so everyone can solve problems together. People send us a lot of ideas – parents, therapists, designers, engineers, grannies and little brothers all offer inventions and concepts they would like us to work on.

Hatch lets us share these ideas with the whole community, to hear your thoughts on those ideas and even submit your own. If the right ideas come along, Leckey and Firefly will try to make it into a real-life, problem-solving product.

How does it work?

You can choose to either submit an idea to one of our suggested campaigns, or submit an idea of your own that solves a different problem.

You’ll find a straightforward submission process, which involves adding your idea’s title, description, ‘Elevator Pitch’ and sketches. After that, our moderators will review your idea. If approved, it goes live on Hatch for 365 days so the community can add their comments, suggestions and vote.

When a user votes or comments on your idea, you both get Hatch points (which are extremely important because the ‘Top Contributors’, the people with the most points, earn prizes!).

After those 365 days, the idea will disappear from the website and the Hatch moderators will review and analyse them again now that the community has had its say.

At the end of this process (around 60 days later) we will know if your idea is going to be made into a real product, and if so, it will begin the current Leckey and Firefly design process.

As you created the idea, you can choose get involved in the product’s development (or not) and decide whether you want to receive royalties or donate them to charity.

All pretty simple, really.

Now, go get your inventor’s hat on…


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