In the News! Athletics for All- Inclusion at UC Berkeley

I am excited to share a news article from my Alma mater, University of California, Berkeley!

I am always searching for news about inclusion and participation, and have now just learned about UC Berkeley’s new Athletics program, Athletics for All and wish they had these programs when I went to school there!  I hope as these programs grow for college students, that they start to make summer camps for kids too like they do with their other sports!

Highlights from the Article and a few videos of Power Soccer, Golf with Marty, Goal Ball, and Blind Sailing are below:

Athletics for All, the first program of its kind at a U.S. college or university, is jointly run by Berkeley and the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program. It was a recipient earlier this year of a Chancellor’s Community Partnership Award, and it also received financial base support during the past school year when students overwhelmingly passed a campus “wellness referendum fee” to enhance many services for students, including health programs for those with disabilities.

First came golf, then goalball, and now power soccer is joining the sports open to Berkeley students through Athletics for All, a model program that is breaking down barriers for people with disabilities.

Power soccer is played in a gym on a regulation basketball court by two teams of four players. The teams attack, defend and spin-kick a 13-inch ball in a challenging game similar to able-bodied soccer. Participants in this popular sport, developed in the early 1970s, often include people with muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, head trauma, stroke and spinal cord injury.

This summer, four power wheelchairs arrived at Berkeley for power soccer, and now students without their own power chairs can join in. And that’s good news at Berkeley, where students without disabilities could participate as well.

Athletics for All also is in the planning stages of adding a blind sailing class, which would be run in partnership with the Marin Sailing School Program for the Blind and Cal Recreational Sports’ UC Aquatic Center.

Meanwhile, the popular “Golf with Marty,” a drop-in class open to all students and taught by Marty Turcios, a golfer who has cerebral palsy, has expanded to an additional for-credit option in the “Education, the Student Body and Disability” course.


Golf with Marty

Power Soccer by Go Pro

Goal Ball

Blind Sailing

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