Helpful website!- New tool to help identify motor delays in infants & toddlers!


healthy children screen shot 2

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC have created an excellent online tool to help parents/caregivers identify any motor delays in children under 5 years old! Click the link above to check out their page!

The site lists key milestones that a child should reach and then has a checklist for the parent to check through to help them determine if their child has any physical motor delays.  There are also some videos accompanying each milestone to help parents understand what the delays can look like.

the key milestones listed include:

healthy children screen shot 1

The site also lists activities by age to help a parent focus on specific age-related delays.

In addition to the checklist, there is also a question/answer section at the bottom of each milestone to help guide a parent/caregiver as to what their next step should be.

Finally, the site also has a helpful page with additional answers and resources if you have questions regarding your child’s development and are concerned about delays:




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