Tips and Tricks Tuesdays!- Jumping with a Splash

(c) Can Stock Photo csp2330087 

Thought I would add a summer themed tips and tricks.


While treating 1 of my patients in his home, we decided to practice running and jumping in his backyard.  There was a puddle in his yard and of course, he wanted to go check it out, so I turned it into an activity.

The puddle actually turned into a great activity to help my patient learn to jump!

Practicing jumping in a puddle is a great way to receive visual, sensory, proprioceptive, and auditory feedback.  All this feedback allows you to further involve your kiddo in the activity.

Whenever my patient attempted jumping in the puddle, I would say things like:

  • Did you see how far the water splashed?
  • Did you hear how the water sounded when you landed? Can you make a louder splashing noise?
  • Did you feel your legs get wet after you jumped in the water?

Having this kind of feedback further encouraged my kiddo to try jumping higher and to continue repeating the jumping without getting frustrated.

And who doesn’t like cooling off a little bit during a summer play time activity!


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