Tips and Tricks! Stickers and Right and Left

My other favorite tool to use during therapy sessions is stickers!

One way I use them is to help my patients focus on using 1 arm or leg more than the other.  I usually use this method if I’m working on strengthening or balance or just using 1 arm or leg more.  These patients usually have a diagnosis where 1 side is weaker like a stroke or cerebral palsy, or muscular dystrophy.  Or they may just have a preference for whatever reason and have now become stronger or more balanced on 1 side more than the other.

I got tired of telling my patients “Use your Right leg/hand/arm, no that’s your Left,” especially for my younger patients who haven’t quite learned their right from left yet.

So what I do is I put a fun sticker on the back of each hand, or on top of each foot, like below:

And instead of saying Right and Left, I usually say:

  • “Hello kitty wants to go up the stairs first, and then Lightening McQueen!”
  • “Hello kitty wants to throw the ball”
  • “Let’s have Lightening McQueen kick the ball”

Reasons why I like this method:

  • My patients usually remember which leg or arm to use when I use that method, and then they start to say it to themselves, especially with familiar characters they like, like elmo or mickey
  • It’s also good practice to have them peel the stickers off the paper and put the stickers on themselves.
  • Helps my patients feel more involved in their therapy and gives them the opportunity to make decisions when I have them pick which stickers they want to use
  • Also allows me to do an activity more than once when I have them add stickers to their hands and feet throughout the treatment

stickers on hands

stickers on handsThank you to Bear my lovely model 🙂

stickers on hands

stickers on feet

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