Tips and Tricks Tuesdays- Bubbles!


Bubbles are a favorite tool for pediatric therapists!

I forgot to include this in my pediatric PT toolbox, so I will add it today!

So why bubbles?

  • the #1 reason is that they are a great distraction if your kiddo is having a hard time participating or focusing on an activity.  I usually use bubbles as my last resort to save a treatment session if I just use them to blow around and play.
  • Bubbles seem to be fascinating for patients of all ages, so they are very versatile.

PT reasons for why I love to use bubbles:

  • Great activity for reaching up above shoulder height.  They are useful for reaching overhead because now your kiddo has a lot of objects to reach up for.
    • I use this with my kiddos who are lying down working on reaching up overhead
    • kiddos who are working on sitting balance, where I challenge them to reach up overhead and maintain their sitting balance,
    • kiddos who are working on their standing balance, which is challenged by reaching overhead.


  • Great for working on standing balance while reaching in different directions.  I blow bubbles all around my patients to encourage them to change direction and turn and reach while in standing.

running with bubbles

  • Good to work on standing balance with kicking and standing on 1 leg.
    • I encourage kiddos to kick the bubbles while they are in the air
    • I also encourage them to stomp on the bubbles as they get close to the floor in order to practice standing on 1 leg.

kicking bubbles

  • Good to practice running and jumping- I encourage kiddos to run through the bubbles and wave them all around and to jump up and try to pop the bubbles

running with bubbles

Here are some recommended bubble items to use in therapy:

  • No spill bubble tumbler- A must-have item if you use bubbles in therapy, because I guarantee that every kiddo will want to hold the bubbles themselves and try to blow bubbles on their own.  These are great because they can be moved in any direction and rarely spill.
  • no spill tumbler
  • Bubble gun- another great item to blow a lot of bubbles if you want your kiddos to chase them or jump up for bubbles



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  1. I love you website and ideas and I am going to share your site with my co-workers. Another way I use bubbles is for body awareness while having my kiddos use different body parts to try and pop the bubbles.



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