Beware the stairs to nowhere!

fun slide

Whenever you practice stairs or any walking activity, make sure you’re working towards some goal and not just making a kiddo go up and down, up and down with no purpose.

Some strategies I use:

  • placing puzzle or game pieces at the bottom of the stairs and have the game at the top of the stairs
  • having balls at the top of the stairs and having my kiddos push the balls down and watch them roll
  • placing toys on different steps and collect them on the way up to make a challenging activity 🙂 – you can try going “shopping” and pick up whatever items along the way to place in a basket
  • and of course, if you can make a fun slide at the top of stairs then that’s always an option as well, which is why I try to do some treatments at parks for my kiddos older than 15-18 months so they can practice on playground equipment

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