Fun News Friday! Highlighting a pediatric therapy clinic! – Dance Recital For Ballerinas With Disabilities Is So On Pointe-

Dance Recital For Ballerinas With Disabilities Is So On Pointe

Highlights from the article:

There’s a place for everyone on center stage.

Young students at the Children’s Therapy Center in New Jersey gathered Tuesday for the school’s ninth annual ballet recital. The dancers, who face physical, medical and developmental challenges, celebrated their big night after a full year of rehearsals,PIX 11 News reported.

The dance recital was originally launched by Lynn Barral, a pediatric physical therapist and assistant director at the center. The school, which provides services and programs for children with special needs, uses ballet to help students develop their motor skills and a greater sense of focus — as well as enjoy a spirit of camaraderie.

“No matter what their ability is, the children know that there is something special and exciting happening for them,” Barral told PIX11 News. “I think that is so thrilling.”

Here’s a link to another article about this great event!

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2 replies

  1. This is awesome idea. This will develop baby’s ability. thanks to therapy center.


  2. learning has no age……….it’s really good idea. thank you very much all the best.


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