48 Hour Disability Challenge

Wanted to share about a contest going on that facilitates inclusion!

Info from their site:

The Disability Film Challenge is a 48 Hour short film competition that has been established in association with prestigious organizations such as the Media Access Awards and theHollyShorts Film Festival.  It is a competition in which entrants are allotted two days to complete production of their entry into the competition. Among other prizes, winners will have their shorts screened at the Hollyshorts Film Festival in the famous TCL Chinese Theater.

The film challenge’s purpose is to motivate disabled and non-disabled film makers to be proactive in the film industry and to supply them with a means of exposure for themselves and their projects.

On top of thematic and story rules, entries must include elements that, at the very least, acknowledge disability to create awareness of these unique stories that are not being told. Entries are strongly encouraged to include a disabled actor, director, writer, and/or producer.

This contest also allows children of various abilities to see kids like themselves in these short films.

Here is one short film in the contest this year with a pediatric theme:


And here’s a link to the Disability Challenge’s YouTube channel so you can see other entries in the contest.


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