Fun News Friday! Prom for everyone!

Since it will soon be prom season for high school aged students, thought I would share a great article and videos about proms that are being thrown across the country for individuals with special needs.

After researching Proms for people with special needs, I came across videos by the Tim Tebow Foundation who has been sponsoring these events across the country for 5 years now!

After searching for “prom for special needs” – I did come across a few organizations whose videos I shared below:

Here’s a video from Tim Tebow’s Foundation:

A video from A Night To Remember’s Prom in San Diego, CA:

Highlights from this article:Mom throws prom for kids with special needs: ‘They want the same thing everybody else wants’

Sometimes, parents of those with special needs just want their children to be like other kids who get invited to parties, or experience those memorable hallmarks of youth. Joy Cameron’s son, who has autism, wanted to go to prom.

So she threw him one.


Cameron organized the Shine! Prom for her son, Cody, as a graduation present two years ago. She created a sensory-friendly event and opened it to others with disabilities or special needs in her Meridian, Idaho, community just outside of Boise. She expected just a few dozen to show — not the 180 who attended.

“My son was so happy. He was surrounded by people who accepted him for who he is,” she recalled. “There are a lot of things my son has never experienced, and future ones that he won’t, like driving a car or getting married, but this was a special life event that I could give him.”

This year, more than 260 people have registered for the third annual Shine! Prom being held Saturday. The event is open to anyone 14 or older. Last year, people into their 60s attended the event, held in an open, light-filled community center Cameron rents out.


Shine! Prom is one of several proms throughout the country specially designed for people with special needs.

Several schools affiliated with The Help Group, an organization in the Los Angeles area for studentswith special needs, hold specially-designed proms each year. The events are significant not only for the students but for parents who otherwise might not get to see their child experience a similar hallmark moment.


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