Resources for Parents and Therapists- Firefly

I wanted to highlight a company called Firefly which has a great Special Needs Blog for parents and therapists, and they also announced today that they are now shipping their products to the United States!

Firefly makes a few innovative products to help children with special needs explore their environment.  I’m not going to directly discuss their products since I haven’t tried them directly myself, but their website does provide a lot of good info and sample videos of their products if parents and therapists are interested in trying them out with their own kiddos.  From the videos, I would definitely consider some of these products, especially the Scooot, to help my little patients explore and move in their environment more.

The main reason I am a fan of Firefly’s site is because of the Special Needs Blog they have on their which has a number of parent contributors with personal stories that are great to share with other parents of children with special needs and are also helpful for therapists to gain extra insight into the lives of our families with special needs.

Here is a link to the blog:  Special Needs Blog

Here are some sample posts by parent contributors:

Thank you for making me a better person, son

“I admit it, I’m scared for my son as he grows up” 

Special needs parenting: what not to expect when you’re expecting

Special needs parenting: how to say ‘no’

Those are just a few sample posts from their site. I highly recommend you take a look at their blog because there are a lot of great stories/ lessons there for anyone who works with families with special needs!

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  1. I too love this website. The first hand accounts are great. Happy to hear they will now be shipping to the USA. The Scoot is so amazing along with the Upsee.



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