In the News- Man With Spastic Cerebral Palsy Who Wasn’t Expected To Walk Is Now An Accomplished Athlete

Wanted to share a great article and video to provide a little inspiration for your patients or yourself as your week gets going!


Some highlights from the article:

Ben Jackson, a 20-year-old athlete from Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, is an avid wrestler and currently training to someday compete in international weightlifting. He also has spastic cerebral palsy, a condition that the CDC describes as a movement disorder that comes from increased muscle tone, resulting in stiff muscles and awkward movement.

When doctors said he would never walk, Jackson shattered their expectations, by not only learning to walk, but also to ride a bike and play basketball, according to By seventh grade, he’d developed an interest in wrestling — he was attracted to the mental and physical challenge of the sport. When Jackson first started, he found that it wasn’t his physical limitations that gave him the most trouble.

Jackson isn’t finished changing perceptions. Now a college student, he is working hard on a new passion — weightlifting.


One thing I picked up from the story is that he ended up going to a college that didn’t have a wrestling program, which was his main interest.  I like how he went and continued pursing something new and is now working on weightlifting.  Something to keep in mind when our patients/kiddos meet an obstacle, so that we make sure to consider other great options for them and to not just stop doing activities altogether.


Did some extra research and found another video that Ben posted himself:

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