National PT Month- How to find a PT in Your Area

For my last post of National Physical Therapy Month, I wanted to share how you find a physical therapist in your area.

Where to start?

You have a few options, but the best and most thorough option is to go through the American Physical Therapy Association’s website, where PTs who are members submit their profiles so the public can search for them.

So first go to

and you will see a page that looks like this:
apta homepage

and see at the top of the page after “Join/Renew” you will see a button that says “Find a PT” so click that! or click this link here.

And now you’ll see this page:
find a PT

And from there you can either search by Zip Code, City, Therapist or Practice name.  You can also search by area of specialty if you’re willing to go anywhere there is a PT that is specialized in the area you are looking for.

I did a sample search, and I recommend searching by location or specialty instead of by name because it seems when I put a therapist’s name in, I keep getting “no results found.”

So I did a search by location and specialty in Pediatrics:

find a PT results

And there you see me at the top of the list (I searched the zip code where I work).  That little red circle symbol next to a therapist’s name means they are a Board Certified Specialist in their area.  So Pam and I are the 2 specialists that appear on this list.

You can then click the therapist’s name to see if they have more info about them.  Most therapists will have their practice location, specialty areas, and sometimes a photo and website, and social media links.

Here is my page:
my find a PT

  • You won’t find every single physical therapist in your area using this search method because the therapists that put their info on this site are therapists that are 1- members of the APTA, 2- took the time to submit their information and maintain it.
  • So you may have PTs in your area that aren’t part of the APTA or you may have PTs in your area that are in the APTA but haven’t created a profile.
  • At least you’ll know the PTs on this list do want to be found 🙂

If you want to find every physical therapist in your area you can use the google maps search tool in your area and type in physical therapist, but sometimes you get results of where the actual therapists live, so it may not be that accurate.

Here is a link from the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy on guidelines on how to search for a PT

Here is a link to verify a physical therapist’s license

  • Since we are licensed, our info is for consumer information, so you can look up any PT in your area if you have concerns or questions or feel you may need to report them.

Happy searching!

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