Fun News Fridays!- DJ class for babies

baby dj

Highlights from the article:

They can’t even talk — but these hipster babies will be able to drop ill beats and mix funky tracks.

At DJ school for rugrats, Brooklyn composer and local DJ Natalie Elizabeth Weiss aims to teach kids the basics for creating and mixing electronic music.

“The difference between listening to Mozart and listening to electronic music is that you can’t pick up a cello when you’re 3 months old but you can push play,” said Weiss, 31.

For $200, parents can enroll their diaper-clad DJs, from newborns to age 3, in her eight-week course beginning Sept. 18 at a Crown Heights thrift store and performance venue Cool Pony.

Weiss will show them how to mix and match tracks by turning knobs and pushing buttons on what’s known as a MIDI trigger connected to a laptop, she said.

Weiss said the point is to get kids hooked on the genre while their brains are still developing — not to be hip.

“It’s a wonderful tool for children to use because it doesn’t require fine motor skill as opposed to playing the flute,” said Childs, 36. “He can’t really draw a perfect circle but he can mix some slicing beats together.”

Thought this was a great idea, though I’m not sure about charging 200$ for an 8 week course for a 3 month old.  But technically we have our kiddos make beats during their therapy sessions as they hit different buttons on our toys.

It’s a great way to learn cause and effect and to work on gradually pressing buttons with your palm then eventually with your fingers.  Then the knobs also provide great fine motor practice as well.

Happy mixing!

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