Tips and Tricks Tuesdays!- How to keep balls from rolling away


I use ball toys a lot during my therapy sessions, whether they are in home or in the clinic.  The main reason I like using balls is because once they get touched, they roll away, encouraging my patients to chase after them.  This works with babies who are barely rolling, to babies who are learning to crawl, to kids who are starting to walk, kick, and run, and then of course I use them when we start practicing functional ball skills, which is usually around 1 year old.

So since I use ball toys throughout my sessions, I wanted to find a way to keep the balls in place while my kiddos complete their path towards the balls at the end of an obstacle course.

I use ring stackers as the base for my ball toys:


I use this method in areas where it’s usually hard to use a ball as a target:

  • On coffee tables/any flat raised surface when I’m encouraging a kiddo to cruise along furniture or rotate and reach between furniture
  • On the floor just out of reach from a kiddo I’m teaching to roll or crawl.  Placing a ball on a ring is a great way to put the ball exactly where you want it out of reach.
  • On the floor to practice kicking a ball, which is easier to kick a ball that you can ensure is stationary and not rolling away from your kiddo.
  • On ramps or on driveways to practice walking up/down hill.  This is a great way to keep balls put and use them as a target up or down a ramp.
  • On curbs, balance beams, or other narrow surfaces
  • On steps to practice walking up/down stairs

Here are some ways I use them in the clinic:





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