Fun News Fridays- Teddy Bear That Can Read Your Blood Pressure

Croatian company ready to launch teddy bear that can take your blood pressure

teddy the guardian

Highlights from the article:

Think Build-A-Bear meets medical monitor.

Teddy the Guardian, the first smart toy with built-in medical sensors, is a stuffed animal made of organic materials that can measure a child’s vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and temperature, then send it to a mobile device.

Kiddos and mommies can even order custom-designed bears, offering a unique design element to this already unique smart toy.

It launches Friday, July 19.Based in Croatia, iDerma’s 23-year-old co-founders Josipa Majic and Ana Burica have received both U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Europe’s CE approval for the smart toy, which has sensors throughout the plush body to detect rates during play. According to TechCrunch, though, iDerma has its own sensors, they outsourced sensors in a quest for more expedient FDA approval.

I think this is a greattttt idea, because even adults have a hard time relaxing when having their vitals taken.  I also like technology aspect of it by how it can keep parents updated on their kiddo’s vital info and keep track of changes in their vitals.

Here is info from the company’s website:

Teddy The Guardian is a plushy  bear with embedded sensors that measure child’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and body temperature, and send the data using wireless technologies to parents’ smartphone. Every time a child gives Teddy a finger or puts Teddy’s paw on his forehead sensors detect the values, record them and transmit in real time to parents’ mobile app.

You can design and pre-order Teddy the Guardian for $69 and it ships in October.

My own initial opinions of the product without having seen it in person yet:


  • can be a great way to measure vitals for kids that are nervous around medical equipment
  • can be a great biofeedback tool for kids who have anxiety or a hard time calming down, so it gives them a visual example of how they’re calming without being threatening.  Plus they can hug and apply pressure to something at the same time
  • I like how all the info can be sent to a smart phone and can keep track of a kiddo’s vitals
  • all natural materials


  • from what I could tell, the company does not specify the minimum age to use the product
  • not sure how many younger kids can stay still long enough for vitals to be recorded
  • not sure about the teddy bear’s longevity with being thrown around

For info about another tech item that measures vitals that will also be released soon– read my past post about the Owlet Baby Monitor  which is about a great product that measures a baby’s oxygen saturation, which if successful, can help parents be a little less scared about tummy time and breathing since this can monitor how much oxygen their baby has in their system.   For more info you can also visit Owlet’s site.

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