Tips and Tricks- When in doubt, use couch cushions!

Couch cushions are my go-to item for in-home therapy sessions.  So let’s hope that you or your patients have couches where the cushions come off!

Here are the various ways Couch Cushions are great!

sitting on couch cushion

  • Crawling over couch cushions is a great way to move from combat crawling to crawling on hands and knees.  It is also a great coordination activity- working on planning on where your hands and knees and feet need to be to stay balanced as you crawl over the cushions.

  • Playing on their tummy on a couch cushion with their arms on the floor works on increasing shoulder strength to prepare for crawling and pull to stand.


  • You can also use them as tunnels to crawl under

  • Kneeling at a couch cushion works on increasing hip and ab strength and is a good activity if your kiddo hates tummy time (more details on this strategy in this post).


  • I also stagger couch cushions similar to the ones in the picture below to simulate crawling up steps for patients who don’t have stairs at home to practice crawling up steps.

  • They can be great standing balance activities and act as stepping stones for an obstacle course.

  • I also have kiddos stand on couches or couch cushions and work on static standing balance (maintaining balance while trying to stand still)- you can have them throw balls or imitate positions while standing on couch cushions.

standing on couch cushion


  • I also use couch cushions to practice jumping since they have a springy effect. I usually start by bouncing kiddos on the couch A LOT and teach them how to try to bounce by themselves

  • Last but not least! Couch cushions make great forts! This is a great way to work on planning an activity and problem solving.  The OTs I work with have their patients draw out their forts first and then try to recreate their pictures.


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