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my autism team

Since April is Autism Awareness month, I thought I’d share a website that focuses on group support for families with children with autism.  This website is basically a facebook for families with children with autism.  You can sign up through your email or your facebook account.

Here is info from their facebook page:


Our mission is to make it easy for parents to find the best autism providers and autism friendly businesses near them. Our belief is that the best source of such information comes from the experience of other parents who have walked in your shoes.


MyAutismTeam is the local social network for parents of children with autism. Here you can share daily experiences & questions, and find recommendations of local autism specialists
(from doctors and OTs, to barbers and dentists)

In addition the searchable database, we’ve built a platform to make it easier for parents to exchange insights about providers. The more all parents know and share with each other, the easier it is to see if you’re missing a specialist that could help your child or if the providers you have are among the best.

Main points of site:

Add Your Story,

…and tell us a little about yourself. Just click in My Story, which is located on the left side of the page

Find Providers You Use,

…such as autism specialists and autism-friendly schools and businesses, and add them to your team. If you don’t see them listed, add them to the site to let others in your area know about them.

Find Parents Like You And Near You,

…as well as others you connect with, and add them to your team. You can follow their updates in your Team Activity feed.

Share Your Daily Ups And Downs,

…with the community, and read others’ updates and comments.

Ask Questions Of Others And Get Answers,

…from other parents in the Q+A section of the site. You can also search by topic to find the questions that interest you.

Pin Your Favorite Photos,

…and share them with everyone. Just go to your pinboard, or upload a photo with an update to get started.

If you’d like more info about autism and additional support for families with children with autism, here are a few more sites:

Autism Society of America

Autism Speaks

Autism Fact Sheet – NINDS – National Institutes of Health

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