Fun News Friday- Photographer Brings to Life Imagination of Boy With Muscular Dystrophy


This was shared through APTA’s Section on Pediatrics from

Photographer Matej Peljhan puts a twist on classic children’s book The Little Prince with a touching series featuring a 12-year-old boy living with muscular dystrophy.

Luka’s degenerative disease restricts his physical movement to only small gestures made with his hands. He cannot bathe, dress or feed himself, but he still manages to use his limited movements — and unlimited imagination — to sketch on small pieces of paper.

Peljhan brought Luka’s playful imagination to life with Le Petit Prince, a collection of photographs inspired by the boy’s dreams of a life beyond his wheelchair.

The photographer didn’t rely on Photoshop or special effects to create a whimsical world for Luka to be photographed in — he simply changed his perspective, literally.

Here’s a sample of one of his creations, but click the pic see all his great photographs.

To learn about muscular dystrophy, read more here: Muscular Dystrophy Association


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