Toy Talk- Let’s Go Fishin’

I start using this game with my kiddos that are around 15 months.  I use this game similarly to the way I use Connect 4, but I think it’s a little more fun, which makes it a great game for my older kids around 3-8 yrs old.

First, here’s the basic rules of the game, but I only use these rules for my kiddos >4 yrs since they’ll start learning how to play games with rules.

What’s the game about?

  • Object of game is to catch the most fish using the fishing poles.  Once all the fish have been caught, each player counts how many fish they have, player with most fish wins!   This game is fun because the fish in the pond are spinning around as the players try to catch them.

What the basic game rules work on:

  • #1- following rules, simple, but important for 4-5 year olds to start learning as they transition from home to a school environment
  • practice counting and colors
  • fine motor skills in holding a small fishing rod in their hands, or holding the small fish using various grasps
  • hand-eye coordination in coordinating placing the fishing line in the fish’s mouth when it’s open
  • planning ahead- works on timing your moves in order to place the fishing rod at the correct time
  • identifying parts of the body- especially mouth, eyes, and tail

How I use this game with kiddos who don’t quite understand how to play a game with specific rules:

I use this game with younger kiddos by having them retrieve the fish in various ways and place the fish back in the pond as it’s moving, here are some ways I place the fish:

  • I place the fish around an obstacle course and work on squatting activities as my patients go to pick up each fish.
  • My student added an activity doing the opposite- placing the fish on higher areas, which encouraged my patients to reach up on to their toes to retrieve the fish
  • I do a scavenger hunt and hide the fish around the clinic
  • I have patients practice throwing the fish into a barrel to practice throwing skills

How I use this game with my older kiddos:

I position the game in ways to make my patients work on various strengthening and balance goals:

  • I have kids stand on a higher surface and make them squat to reach the pond as they go fishing.  This is helpful when I am working leg strengthening and allows me to have my patients maintain a squatting position longer
  • You can have a child stand on an unstable surface while they are going fishing
  • You can have your older kids who are working on foot strengthening try retrieving the fish using their feet and placing them in a basket



Speech therapy idea:

While perusing other fishy ideas, I came across a speech therapy idea using this game- writing a word on the bottom of each fish using a sticker and using it to practice sight words-

When they catch a fish, they must read the sight word, and color the corresponding fish on their Let’s Go Fishin’ worksheet.




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  1. My all time favorite toy is the Fisher Price laugh and Learn Piggy Bank! Kids will do almost any gross motor skill or obstacle course with this gem!



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