Tips and Tricks Tuesdays and Toy Talk- Pool Noodles!

Since it’s almost Spring and Summer is around the corner, that means that pool noodles are available again in stores! I am a big fan of pool noodles for lots of activities that don’t even need any water 🙂  I like using pool noodles over other sticks because they are bendable and because they are safer if kids fall and hit them, remember safety first!

Here are the basic things you can do with pool noodles:

  • stepping over them as obstacles, you can use different sized ones to challenge kids to stand on one leg longer and take a bigger. 
  • you can use connectors to make different shapes out of the pool noodles.
  • You can also convert the obstacle course on the right to a standing one and use it as a target to practice throwing.
  • you can also use this with new crawlers who combat crawl to challenge them to push up onto their hands and knees to crawl over pool noodles, or you can make the noodles arches and have them crawl under.








  • fine motor activities you can do with pool noodles include:
  • cutting them into pieces and stacking them, or stringing them, or using them as paint sponges to make some art.



There are a LOT of things you can do with pool noodles and these are just a few.

Here’s a link to pinterest’s pool noodle section so you can see all the other great ideas people have come up with.

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