Tips and Tricks Tuesdays- Walking Over Uneven Surfaces

I really enjoy treating patients in a natural home environment because it allows me to find new ways to be creative with limited resources.

After my patients begin walking and are able to walk well indoors across flat surfaces, I begin to challenge them by making them walk over obstacles, which was described in this post.

I usually start taking patients outside during treatments when I begin practicing walking over uneven surfaces.  But when there isn’t an appropriate outside environment or the weather doesn’t allow, another way I challenge new walkers with walking over uneven surfaces is by converting a typical home area rug into an uneven surface.

photo 1

I also do this with mats in our PT clinic and also thick comforters or blankets.

I prefer to use soft objects under the rug, just in case my kiddos trip and fall.  Some items you can toss under the rug:

  • foam blocks
  • stuffed animals
  • small towels
  • soft balls
  • broom sticks

I also have my patients participate in the activity by picking out what items to throw under the rug.  I also have them work on squatting in standing by helping me pick up the rug to throw the items under.

I also use this environment with new crawlers, for babies who combat crawl, to encourage them to push up onto their hands and knees to crawl over obstacles.

photo 2

photo 3

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