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Came across this website while perusing some articles, and thought it could be relevant to families with children with special needs, where medical costs can interfere with providing the best life for your child.

Some info from their website:

What Can I Do to Help?

GiveForward provides free online fundraising pages allowing friends and family to raise money directly for a loved one when they need it the most. Set up a page in minutes, share it with friends and instantly create a community of support.

The Easiest Way to Help

GiveForward’s tips, tools and integration with Facebook and PayPal make fundraising simple. If you’ve never done any online fundraising before, don’t worry! GiveForward provides every user with their own personal fundraising coach to help you reach your goal and answer any questions you have along the way.

For example, I did a quick search of “Cerebral Palsy” to see what kind of fundraisers people had for individuals with CP, and came across pages for fundraising money for:

  • general medical expenses
  • medical therapy services
  • special service dogs, such as a dog trained to recognize seizures
  • building a handicap accessible bedroom and bathroom
  • housing, medical and living expenses
  • specialized wheelchair and other equipment
  • traveling to hospitals that can provide specific care


Also just wanted to add that can also be a great resource to find used special needs equipment that can still be in great condition as children grow out of them.

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