Happy Friday! Picture of my patient’s Angry Birds creation

Just wanted to share one of my patient’s creations, who is a big fan of the game Angry Birds.  Do you see our little green pigs in the structure? 🙂  The star ball is a dynamite that can blow up our structure (per my patient 🙂 )

Some of the benefits of this activity:

  • Helps build leg strength with repeated squatting to pick up the blocks
  • Can work on stretching tight calves if you encourage your child to bend their knees with squatting
  • Works on calf strength/balance with reaching to place blocks on structure
  • Works on coordination when trying to place the blocks on top without knocking over the structure
  • Can work on throwing balls- can practice overhand and underhand pattern
  • Can also work on catching balls to throw back at structure
  • Can work on kicking balls at structure
  • Works on planning and problem solving an activity

Like if you love Angry Birds or have created a structure with your patients or children!

Happy Friday!

Categories: Humor in pediatrics

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2 replies

  1. Love it! I use an angry bird theme all the time. Older children, especially boys, really enjoy it. I have a few of the angry bird balls to throw to knock over the structures.


  2. hey there Natalie, Love the idea of building with the angry birds theme! (why didnt I think of that….) Certainly going to use it by my patients!


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