Say hello to a new therapy dog! Meet Bear!

I won’t be able to make any long posts this week since I will be out of town for the week, but just wanted to share a pic of my dog, Bear, who just got certified to be a therapy dog.  I rescued Bear from an LA shelter last year and decided to finally get him certified after receiving many comments about how calm he was, which is the main reason why he passed his test! 🙂

I just received his bandanna and ID tag in the mail.  If you look closely, his yellow tag says “I am a therapy dog,” I love it!   And the reason he has a bandanna and not a vest that most people expect, is because vests deter people from petting dogs, and therapy dogs are meant to be pet!

I decided to make him a therapy dog after seeing what therapy animals do at the various hospitals I have worked at.  And also, since I work in a pediatric therapy clinic, I thought he would make a great addition to the team for all therapists to use in their treatments.

A thank you to Therapy Dogs International for certifying Bear.  Click the link to check out their site about info on how to make your dog a therapy dog or how to find therapy dogs in your area.

I discussed the benefits of therapy dogs in this previous post:

Here’s just a few recent articles discussing benefits of therapy dogs:

Therapy dogs help children with disabilities

Pet therapy provides motivation in rehab

Animal-assisted therapy dogs work medical wonders

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