Toy Talk- Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn: Learning Piggy Bank

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn: Learning Piggy Bank

This toy is a favorite among therapists and child development specialists, and you will likely find it in every pediatric clinic.

I’ve learned from my own research and from parents that this toy is hard to find in stores now.  I searched Toys R Us, Target, Walmart and can’t find it on their sites.  I also was told they have changed the toy and it’s not as popular as it used to be in its new version because it’s not as rounded and chubby and all 10 coins don’t fit as well inside the piggy bank.  The toy is still great though!

The pic above is what the toy looks like at my clinic.  Click pics to see toy at my Amazon Store.

Reasons why I love this toy!

  • Volume isn’t as loud as other toys (I’m sure parents will appreciate this after all the other noisy toys they have)
  • Works on counting
  • Works on placing items in (either through the top slot or by opening the side)
  • Works on taking items out as door is easy to open and close
  • Has great singing and counting songs
  • Placing the coins in requires a more mature grasp like a pincer grasp (holding coin between thumb/index finger), though other grasps can be used
  • Coins aren’t difficult to push in
  • Coins can be put in the slot and rest there and while your child practices pushing them in
  • It comes with 10 coins which is great for repetitive activities (therapists love repetitive activities).  I use it to work on squatting by putting coins on floor and piggy bank on support surface.  I also use it with obstacle courses placing the coins and piggy bank on opposite ends of course to repeat it a few times.
  • It can be used to practice learning colors, animals, counting, and matching.
  • This toy can be used with a wide range of ages:
  • As young as 6 months (or when your child can sit independently and play with a toy in sitting)- Since you can place coins in and take them out through the larger door, and since the coins can rest on the slot and be pushed in.
  • Up to 3 years or older since you can practice counting and identifying colors and animals on the coins.

I also found this toy on Kmart and Kohls if you don’t like going through Amazon.  But Fisher-Price’s page for the toy tells you to search other retailers, and as I told you, the main ones (Toys R Us, Target, and Walmart) don’t have it.

I recommend getting this toy before you can’t find it on any sites!

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