iPhone Apps for your toddler/ infant

Since there is a big Apple iPhone announcement today, just wanted to share a few links I found with helpful iPhone apps for infants/toddlers.

First, here’s a great toy by Fisher Price to Protect your iPhone and iPad: Click to see in my Amazon Store


Here’s a link to Fisher-Price’s iPhone Apps (link will open in iTunes)

For a Baby, Mobile Screens to Shake and Rattle – from the article:

If you like to sit with your baby and use your phone or tablet for a little educational play, then you’ll enjoy Sparkabilities Babies 1 HD. It’s a $5 app aimed at babies from 3 months up, and the interface is simple enough that older babies will be able to play by themselves.

The app is split into two parts. The Movies part has a set of prearranged clips about a minute long, each with a rough theme like “dog” or “circles.” Each movie contains colorful graphics, sound effects and video inserts of things like babies laughing. There’s repetition, and dynamic use of colors, shapes, numbers, music and noises.

Younger babies will like the rapid-fire scene changes, and older babies can be told what the colors are and how to count. That’s where the second half of the app, Slides, comes in. It takes the elements of each movie and makes them a bit interactive, so you have to touch the screen for the next event to happen. This part may help you teach your children in a fun way, if you take the time to work with the app.

Talking Tom:

Sometimes you just need five minutes of calm while your baby settles down, so try Talking Tom Cat (free on iOS and Android).

Turn your iphone into a toy rattle:

Apps can even replace a baby rattle. While it may sound crazy to give a tiny, dribbling tot a smartphone worth hundreds of dollars, you never know when you’ll need to pacify a child with no toys at hand. Try Baby Rattle Toy — Child Lock, free on Android, for a neat version. It’s got colors and tappable shapes on screen, and it reacts to shakes as it should. It also has a child lock so your baby can’t accidentally make calls or easily exit the app.

Lullabies with sleep timers right on your iPhone!

For bedtime, there are many options out there. Lullaby!, a $1 iOS app, is a great bet. It’s all about soothing your child to sleep with quiet versions of classic songs, and it includes a sleep timer and an alarm clock. It also has a soundboard, great for amusing babies with calming noises before bed — older babies can probably enjoy this alone.

Here are a few other websites with Iphone apps for your toddlers:

Free Iphone/Ipod Touch Apps for Toddlers

Must Have iPhone Apps for your Toddlers

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