Helpful Websites- NAEYC for Families

Came across this website through the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) Section on Pediatrics.

From their website, some info on the NAEYC- Founded in 1926, The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is the world’s largest organization working on behalf of young children with nearly 80,000 members, a national network of more than 300 state and local Affiliates, and a growing global alliance of like-minded organizations.

The website has a helpful section for parents regarding a number of issues, called  NAEYC for Families.  

Some helpful areas I found on there were Families Today and Learning & Development.

This is a good resource for parents who think they have no clue about some of their children’s milestones such as: potty training, divorce, reading to your toddler.  These are all from the “Families today” section.

Some interesting posts I found in the “Learning and Development” sections: transitioning to kindergarten, what is big body play, supporting your child’s learning, and healthy, fit families.

From working in pediatrics for 2 years now, I’ve come to be fairly knowledgable about motor milestones, and am always learning more about behaviors and learning through discussing patient cases with my fellow clinicians, which include occupational and speech therapists.  Sometimes, however, I don’t have any answers to parents regarding questions outside of motor milestones, such as potty training and going to kindergarten.   I think the site can also be helpful to answer some questions in a more detailed manner than I can.  One example is : Why Do Babies Like Boxes Best?  which goes into detail about child development.

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