Toy Talk- Oball

I’m adding another category to my posts- Toy Talk, to talk about my favorite toys that I either use in my physical therapy sessions or I see my patients have in their homes.

I use this toy with all my patients from 4 month olds to 7 year olds and find it as a very versatile toy.

It’s light weight, colorful, safe for mouthing.

I use it to work on grasping, reaching for objects in all positions, and then eventually use it to work on catching and throwing.  It’s a great toy to practice catching because all the holes make it easier to snag.

You can get this toy from my Amazon store

Here’s a direct link to the product’s site: Rhino Toys

Here’s some info on the Oball from

The Oball Rattle  
Oball Rattle, with its many finger holes, is just as easy to clutch and roll as the Original Oball. Thesoft texture is still just right for mouthing, but it also includes entertaining beads that rattle. This lets you help your baby develop his visual and auditory tracking skills. Babies find the bright colors, happy sounds, and squishy sides captivating. Plus it is extremely lightweight, so you never need to worry about a face shot from a rambunctious toddler! (Another oustanding component in the Timberdoodle Core Curriculum series!)

 Big Oball
6″ in diameter, the Big Oball has bigger circles, bigger holes, bigger ball, bigger action. Everything about the Big Oball is bigger. Yet it is just as smooth and shiny and just as indestructible as theOriginal Oball. Kick it, stomp it, crush it, and the Big Oball bounces right back to a perfectly formed sphere. (Another oustanding component in the Timberdoodle Core Curriculum series!)

Really Big Oball
A huge 7.5″ in diameter, this is the biggest Oball available. Use it for outdoor games with your preschooler, the easiest ball to catch for your toddler or anything else you would use a typical ball for.

Oball Jelly, A Colorful, Sparkly Ball
All the great Oball features are now available in the colorful sparkly Oball JellyOball Jellies are full of finger holes that make them incredibly easy to catch, captivating to hold, and safe to throw. Shiny, smooth, flexible, durable and virtually indestructible — Oball Jelly is the ideal ball in every situation.

So, what did you learn? Here are the 14 Oball facts we heard/saw:

1) Oballs are easy for babies to clutch.
2) Oballs are easy to catch.
3) Oballs are easy to throw.
4) Oballs are brightly colored, and can be used for baby’s visual tracking exercises.
5) Oballs have a pleasant sounding rattle, perfect for auditory tracking
6) Oballs are flexible, making them great for teething babies to chew on.
7) Oballs are great for kicking.
8) Oballs would be a perfect choice for the beginning juggler.
9) Oballs can be used to make bubbles.
10) Oballs are soft enough that your preschooler’s rambunctious throw is unlikely to hurt the baby!
11) Oballs are made of safe materials: vinyl, PVC and phthalate free.
12) Oballs are durable, even when intentionally rolled over by a car!
13) Oballs are dishwasher safe.
14) Oballs can even be nested.

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  1. Would you be willing to sell off one of your older Big Oballs (measuring 6in in diameter)?



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