Article- How baby-driven robots could help disabled children

I agree with the tagline of this article,

Experts believe learning to move is important to a child’s brain development

The article discusses how researchers are trying to use baby-driven robots to help children with disabilities begin exploring their environment at an age-appropriate level since such mobility is important for brain development as early as 5 months.

Excerpt from the article:

Learning and baby brains
Generations of past research on typically developing children has shown that baby brainsundergo dramatic changes when kids start to move by themselves. Those who work with disabled babies think that by giving the babies the ability to move by themselves at the right time, parents and clinicians may help stimulate similar brain activity.

Disabled children don’t usually get to move independently until they’re 3 years old or even older, when they are able to learn to use a motorized wheelchair. By that time, however, they may have missed an important window in their development, not to speak of how frustrating and sad it must be to want to move, but be unable to say so or do anything about it.


I agree that independently exploring one’s environment is important to brain development.  It kills me when I evaluate children who are developmentally delayed and learn that they are primarily carried by their parents/grandparents and they aren’t on the floor much.

The first thing I give these families for their programs to work on at home,
is to start leaving their child on the floor more with some toys out of reach so they can start problem solving on their own and start exploring their environment.

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