Tips and Tricks Tuesdays!- Progressing Sitting Balance

Independent sitting usually begins around 6 months old.  By sitting independently, I mean being able to sit without anyone supporting them.  So if your baby is able to sit with their hands on the floor holding themselves up around 6 months, then they are on the right track.

There are a few ways to sitting balance:

1- Improving sitting balance on an exercise ball- I mentioned this one before, but it is a really great way to start building ab and back strength, as well as improving your baby’s protective reactions to moving in different positions.   You can begin by holding your baby under their arms with your hands around their trunk, and as their balance and strength improves, you can just hold their thighs and move them around and bounce them on a ball.

2- Sitting your baby in free space with a boppy pillow or other large pillow behind them.  This is different from sitting on a ball, because now your baby has the opportunity to try to sit by themselves.  It is okkk to let them fall as long as you have padding all over and are near by.  Each fall will serve as more practice working on those protective reactions and ab and back strength.  You can start with larger supports at first, and gradually move to smaller pillows.

3- Sitting in a couch corner.  This is a little similar to sitting with a pillow behind them, but the corner allows your baby to fall backwards and try to recover on their own without your assistance.  You can wrap a boppy pillow in front of your baby or put another pillow in front of them to protect them if they fall forward.  This will also provide a support surface for your baby to push off of to try sitting back up again by themselves.  You can make this harder by putting a towel roll or little pillow behind them by their bottoms to prevent them from fully leaning against the couch, so that they have to work harder to sit up.

not like this haha—> 

more like this—>

Happy Sitting!

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