Tips and Tricks Tuesdays!- Progressing Crawling

Next on my tips and tricks list is how to progress beyond combat crawling (when a baby drags their body along the floor mostly using their arms).   After combat crawling comes creeping!  Creeping is a funky term, I know, but it actually means crawling on one’s hands and knees.  In PT speak, we call that crawling in quadruped.

Some babies have a hard time holding themselves up in that hands and knees position:

 sorry couldn’t find a cute kid pic for this position 🙂

Maintaining this position requires ab strength and arm strength, which can be difficult for a baby that has never tried the position.  There is a way, however, to make it easier for your child if they are having a hard time maintaining quadruped.

One way to make it easier, is to bring the floor up a bit to help them increase their strength when putting weight on their hands/knees without all that effort.


As seen in the above picture, you can first work on kneeling a at a support surface.  This helps your child become used to being on their hands and knees and also works on their ab strength/trunk control.  While in this position, you can then work on maintaining this position with just one hand on the support while playing with a toy with the other hand.

You can gradually make this harder by lowering the support surface to eventually being on their hands/knees on the floor like in the picture below.   And then try reaching for a toy while being on hands/knees on the floor.

baby crawling

A second way to progress combat crawling to creeping on hands/knees is to create obstacles for your child to crawl over so they are forced to push up onto their hands and knees to get over an obstacle.

Quick sidenote:

The picture I used of the baby kneeling at a support, is from a great blog I found while searching for the appropriate pic.

Here’s a link to the site, which chronicles a baby with down syndrome’s life from his dad’s point of view.

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