PTs in Pediatrics- In the game

This article is from and discusses how PTs are involved in helping kids exercise.  It mostly focused on motivating kids who are overweight and have little interest in physical activities.   The article also talked about how PTs are involved in helping deconditioned children increase their participation in physical activities, which included children who spend extended periods of time in a hospital and become deconditioned as a result.

I’m currently working with a patient similar to those discussed in the article.  I recently evaluated a 5 year old patient who became severely deconditioned after spending 3 months in the hospital after suffering acute respiratory failure.  We have been working on not only increasing this patient’s endurance, but also helping the patient feel comfortable participating in various physical activities again without losing interest and becoming discouraged.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

PTs guide PTAs and others in promoting activities that won’t hurt obese and deconditioned children. Lawrence said the physical therapy department sees children with a broad range of conditions — from those that are obesity-related to cancer. Many are deconditioned simply because of how long they’ve been in the hospital.

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