Open Discussions and Privacy

I am clearly not keeping up with my new year’s resolution to do a minimum 2 posts per week! ayayay.

I have lots of content I want to talk about just no time!

One thing that I have been itching to discuss is Privacy Laws in the medical field.   I am known as a very gossipy person hehe 🙂 and working in physical therapy has really hampered that hobby of mine since I can’t really talk about my patients.  I love talking about them not because I like to spread news, but because I honestly find all my patient cases to be super interesting!  Also it’s hard not to talk about something you do allll day long.  I think it’s also helpful to share patient cases with other therapists to get some advice.  I’m always paranoid my patients will come across my page somehow and then become offended if they recognize who I am discussing.   I’ll probably start discussing patient cases soon once I get more organized at work.

I received an email about a month ago regarding a HIPAA violation at my other job at a hospital where I work in an inpatient acute physical therapy setting on the weekends.  This employee took a picture of a patient’s medical record with all their information and posted it as a photo in their album on facebook, and added some caption making fun of the patient.   People even commented on this moron’s post saying they were an idiot and the employee insisted that they didn’t care and that “it’s just facebook!”  Anyways, since I received the mass email, obviously this person was caught and terminated HA.

I just wanted to share some information for consumers and others who wanted to learn more about privacy rules, so here it is:

What does HIPAA even stand for?? –> health insurance portability and accountability act

Let’s not get into the long name, but here is a helpful link for consumers and practitioners:

Understanding Health Information Privacy

Here are some questions if anyone would like to share experiences they’ve had with privacy laws:

1- As a patient, have you ever been the subject of a privacy law violation?  if so, how did you handle it? did you know where to go to file your complaint?

2- As a practitioner, have you come across privacy violations in your workplace? How was it handled there?

Take care, and happy sharing!

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