What does a therapist do?

Went shopping today for a new bag for work since I’m having difficulty dragging all my stuff between working with home patients and working at the clinic.  Shopping for a bag turned into a discussion with the saleswoman about what I do as a physical therapist.

This time when asked what I do, I just said “therapist,” and for once, someone guessed physical therapist, but it was quickly followed by the question, “so do you like stretch patients out?” When I told her that I work with babies/kids, she looked more fascinated with physical therapy.  To make a long conversation short, I was happy to explain what pediatric PTs do and what physical therapists do, which ended with her saying she was proud of me with what I was doing even though she didn’t know me haha.

If you are wondering what does a PT do?  Here’s a helpful link from the CA PT Association page.
-About PT 

Here is a link about what Pediatric PTs do, which is from the pediatric section’s webpage:
ABCs of Pediatric PT

Hope this was a little informative so you can impress the next PT you meet with how much you know about what they do 🙂

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