Physical Therapy and Computers

Since I started working as a physical therapist, what I miss most is being near a computer.  I think I am one of the more computer savvy PTs that I know, even amongst my classmates who all grew up with computers around them.  I certainly kick every other PT’s butt that is more than 5 years older than me when it comes to computers.

I was interested in computers wayyy before I was interested in PT.  Though I mixed the 2 when I tore my left ACL and left medial and lateral meniscus when I was 14, back in 1998.  Being the computer nerd that I was, I started searching for ACL message boards to connect with other people with ACL injuries, and then decided to make my own website about my ACL injury/surgery/rehabilitation.  I continued that website through my second ACL injury/surgery/rehab (tore my right ACL when I was 15).

Anywayysss I have many issues with PT and Technology, but I’ll just use this post to address the computer issues I’m sure other PTs face.

My history of computers in PT:

  • Outpatient clinic in a hospital-  shared 3 computers among 8 people…documentation on paper
  • Inpatient acute- take any nurse’s computer you can before you’re kicked off by a nurse/doctor- and usually never asked nicely to move out of the way even though you’re in the middle of typing an eval >:|
  • In-home pediatric therapy- NO computer at all…. these were rough times for me, but I can add “skilled txting/email checking while driving” to my resume 🙂
  • Outpatient pediatric clinic- share 3 very old/outdated windows PCs amongst 10 or so people
  • Present- bought my own lap top to carry between clinic/homes so I can be super speedy with my documentation woo!  Just need to figure how to encrypt everything on my comp and pray no one steals it ahhhh

Since I’m per diem at the clinic I work at and only get paid for the patients I see, I don’t feel guilty for sneaking to my computer each time I have a break so I can look at my very own computer at work 😀

And whenever I’m bored, I just search the term “physical therapy” in twitter.  I loveeee seeing all the different conversations regarding physical therapy, (which include the good/bad/annoying/ stereotypic comments)  because it really opens my eyes to how other people view PT and how it impacts peoples’ lives that I don’t even know.

Here’s the link to that twitter search if you’re bored!

“Physical Therapy” in twitter

Thanks for reading, and hope to meet my goal of 2 posts next week! Failed this week bah 😦

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